7 Crucial Tips for a Wealthy Mindset

Your mindset will determine your success in life. Studies show wealthy people do think differently than poor people. It is crucial to pay attention to your mindset and by changing it to adopt the patterns of the successfully wealthy; in time, you will gravitate towards becoming a part of that elite 1%. What is the number one mistake that people who want to be wealthy but aren’t make? They hang around and listen to average people who aren’t wealthy tell them about money.   That is like having a personal trainer that is overweight telling you how to get fit! Learn how the wealthy think and get on the path to success.wealth

  1. The wealthy master their mindset. The wealthy do not let negative thinking get in their way. They stay positive despite circumstances and keep their eye on the target. The wealthy pay close attention to their thoughts and beliefs and do all they can to take control of their mind. As soon as a negative belief starts to rear its ugly head, it is important to realize that it is coming from a place of fear and be able quickly replace it with a positive thought.
  2. They watch whom they spend their time with. Rich people watch whom they spend their time with. They spend their time with battery chargers, not battery suckers. Poor people have poor people for friends and rich people hang out with intellectual people who are similar to them or even more successful. Their relationships have a give-and-take balance to it. They stay away from takers.
  1. They control what goes into their body and their mind. Garbage in and garbage out. Rich people know that what goes in their mind and body is reflected on their outside world. They only listen to positive and uplifting information and take care of themselves. Stay away from people who tell you that your idea or success can’t be achieved because you don’t have enough money, education or talent. Listening to those people and believing what they say can quickly crush your dreams.
  1. Rich people are optimistic most of the time. The wealthy understand that a positive mindset is the cornerstone to success. They look at the cup half full instead of half empty and realize that as soon as they allow themselves to focus on the negative, things start to take a turn for the worse. Most of us are conditioned to focus on the negative and we can never get ahead when we are focused on what we don’t have.
  1. Rich people rarely complain. Once again, this has to do with focusing on what the rich do have as opposed to their lack. When we send out a vibration of misery, we only attract more misery. The wealthy know this and for the most part continue to stay in a state of gratitude.
  1. Rich people are virtually excuse-free. One of the key secrets of the wealthy is that they take responsibility for their lives as opposed to placing blame and making excuses. If something is not going right, they take the bull by the horns and make the changes necessary to improve the situation. Most of us stay stuck because we are so busy making excuses and placing blame for where we are at or what has occurred. With this mindset, we can never get ahead.
  1. Rich people respect money as a tool. The wealthy look at money as a tool not the end-all for their happiness. They realize that they have power over money, which is in opposition to how most of us think i.e., money controls us. The poor give money all the power and allow it to control their lives. Money is just a tool to assist us in getting what we want in life – as are other people, information and resources.

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Tracy Todaro is Co-Founder of Invigorated Solutions (see http://www.invigoratedsolutions.com) Tracy is a certified Life Coach specializing in life transition coaching, career changes, major life changes and family matters.  She can be reached at info@invigoratedsolutions.com

She can be reached at info@invigoratedsolutions.com 

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Published by: Invigorated Solutions.  Tracy is a published author and certified Life Coach specializing in life transition coaching, career changes, major life changes and family matters.  They can be reached at info@invigoratedsolutions.com

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