Are You Sabotaging Love?

We may want love so much, however, our actions and behaviors will show something different and push love away all together. We can even become frustrated by what we do, and not truly understand why we are doing it, or where it is coming from.

Christina was a hopeless romantic, always dreaming of a fairy tale romance. She would meet wonderful men whom she thought could be a perfect match. After a few months, when things would start to get a little more serious, she would begin to push them away. She would find reasons not to get together with them and she would frequently fail to return calls and texts. Eventually, the men would get frustrated and go away. She really liked these men and could not figure out why she was behaving like this, continually getting frustrated with herself and her actions.

Once she finally noticed the pattern, she began to take note of the timing that she started to distance herself.

If this sounds like you, there may be a deeply rooted belief that you are not deserving of love or not lovable. Read more about limiting and false beliefs that sabotage our happiness in our newly released book called FORGET WHAT YOU THINK YOU KNOW available on Amazon.

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