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In this book you will learn how false or limiting beliefs and old programming is keeping you from the life you desire. With excerpts of Life Inspired Wisdom, Author and Life Transition Coach, Tracy Todaro, does an outstanding job in helping you understand how your subconscious mind is actually holding you back from achieving the things that you really want in your life. “I wrote this book with the hope of helping you see life in a new perspective. By opening your eyes and “awakening” to the reality of your current world, even a small epiphany can change the direction of your life.” Order Now

Happiness is one of the most desired and yet hardest to reach of all emotional states as a human being. It comes from the feeling of being satisfied and fulfilled within ourselves. We can only reach a place of happiness when what we think, say and do are all in harmony.

Unfortunately, many of us do not and may never be able to consistently experience this type of harmony. We have spent much of our lives doing and saying what we think others want from us despite the fact that it is not in alignment with our true essence. We may live in a constant state of frustration and turmoil and cannot understand where the discontent comes from.  Available Now on Amazon.