How I Manifested a Stack of Cash

It was several months ago I heard a great recording of a speaker who was talking about manifesting and visualizing.  I have been manifesting for some time now however I wanted to try out this great technique that was used. I figured what the heck and so I followed along. Three weeks later I was walking into the bank depositing this big wad of cash when it hit me like a ton of bricks. I had manifested that EXACT scenario!

Now I am a firm believer of the the Law of Attraction and that it is fail proof and we can create our experiences. What was really fascinating to me was to see the detail of the manifestation. So how did I do it you ask? Well through visualization…powerful visualization. So let me take you through the exercise:

When you can be in a quiet space where you will not be interrupted, this is the visualization.

Imagine reaching into your pocket or purse and pulling out a wad of money. Look at the money, feel the texture of the money, smell the money and run your fingers through it. Engage all your senses when you are doing this exciercise.  This creates more emotion and makes the scenario more likely to manifest. Next, put the money back in your pocket or purse and start walking down the street. Look at your feet and watch each step you make. Notice the shoes you have on and what the sidewalk or street looks like. What is the weather, is there a breeze on your face? Is it cold or warm?

You are going to cross the street to the bank. As you walk up to the bank, you are going to reach your hand out to the door handle and feel the cold metal on your hand. As you pull the door open, you feel the rush of air with the smell of a bank and money. Feel your hair blow from the breeze. Look around the bank and take in all your senses. Once again, watch your feel walking on the cold shiny tile as you walk up to the teller window. Take in what is going on around you.

Once you arrive to the teller window and greet her, reach into your pocket or purse and pull out the cash. Feel it once again in your hand as you place it on the counter. Notice the teller’s expression and surprise when you place the money in front of her. She is shocked to see such a large wad of bills coming in. Watch her complete the transaction and hand you a deposit slip. Look at the deposit slip and smile as you know the money is in your account. Take the deposit slip and with gratitude say, “Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.” Then put it in your pocket or purse with gratitude.

The more you do this visualization, the more you will be in alignment with what you are manifesting.

Three weeks later, I had a client that wanted to meet me in person prior to signing up for my services. This was unusual as I compete 99% of my transactions and payments online. I agreed to meet and then he told me his brother needed to run to the bank to get the money. I met them out by their car and he handed me $2500 in $20 dollar bills. I did not think anything of it at the time but as I said earlier, when I was depositing it at the bank, it hit me. I had created this exact scenario in my mind.

So in the 3 weeks prior, I did the visualization every day for about week in a row and then once in a while I would just think about it and bring up the emotions. Please keep in mind, that you may have additional blocks that are keeping you from manifesting things that you want. We can help you work through those blocks and determine where they are coming from.

If you have a story of how you manifested something down to the detail, please share it with us below or email your story to We would love to hear about it.

Tracy is a published author, Founder of Inspired Wisdom Coaching (see and a certified Life Coach specializing in life transition coaching, career changes, major life changes and family matters.

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Published by: Inspired Wisdom Coaching  Tracy is a published author and certified Life Coach specializing in life transition coaching, career changes, major life changes and family matters.  They can be reached at

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