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The Emotional Guidance Scale from the book, ‘Ask and It Is Given’ by Jerry and Esther Hicks is a useful self help tool. Basically your thoughts create feelings, your feelings create vibrations, vibrations manifest your reality. Therefore if you have a negative thought, you will feel a negative emotion which will create a negative vibration and that will create a negative reality leading to stress and illness. If you have a positive thought, you will feel a positive emotion which will create a positive vibration and that will create a positive reality leading to health and well-being.

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Positive emotions trigger an upward spirals toward emotional well-being, negative emotions trigger downward spirals toward emotion problems, therefore you can use the scale to move towards an upward spiral and ultimately emotional well-being.

Distinguished Professor Dr. Barbara Fredrickson, the Kenan Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Principal Investigator of the Positive Emotions and Psychophysiology Lab at the University of North Carolina has analyzed people’s reports of positive and negative emotions in various settings. These included individual, marriage and the workplace. She discovered that at a ratio of 3 to 1 positive to negative emotions, people do better than just getting by, they flourish and thrive.

Some of the positive emotions are:

  • Flow, meaningful work, creativity, exploration, open-mindedness and initiative
  • Humor, enthusiasm, playfulness and amusement
  • Gratitude, appreciation and recognising others
  • Connection, love, friendship, meaning and a higher purpose
  • Forgiveness, mercy and understanding
  • Contentment, joy, awe, inspiration, serenity and savoring the moment
  • Altruism, kindness, generosity and volunteerism

Dr. Fredrickson suggested the following method to increase your ratio of positive emotions:

  • Be open, cultivate mindful awareness throughout your day
  • Create high-quality connections with other people
  • Cultivate kindness
  • Develop distractions to help you get your mind off of troubles
  • Dispute negative thinking, argue back to your inner critic
  • Find places close enough that you can spend a few minutes in nature frequently
  • Learn and apply your strengths
  • Meditate mindfully
  • Meditate on loving-kindness
  • Ritualise gratitude
  • Savor positive emotions
  • Visualise your future

Dr. Fredrickson supports the idea that positive emotions help us relax, balance, think a big variety of alternative solutions and ideas, and most important,  help us develop strengths.

Recent research shows the undeniable connection, the link between mind and body, which challenged the long-held medical assumption. A new science called psychoneuroimmunology or PNI, the study of how the mind affects health and bodily functions, has been born out of such research. A psychologist at the University of Texas Health Science Center, Lean Achterberg, suggests that emotion may form the link between mind and immunity. “Many of the autonomic functions connected with health and disease” she explains, “are emotionally triggered.”

Exercises which encourage relaxation and mental activities such as creative visualization, positive thinking and guided imagery produce subtle changes in the emotions which can trigger either a positive or a negative effect on the immune system. This explains why positive imaging techniques have resulted in dramatic healings in people with very serious illnesses, including cancer.

“As far back as the Thirties, Edmund Jacobson found that if you imagine or visualise yourself doing a particular action – say, lifting an object with your right arm – the muscles in that arm show increased electrical activity. Other scientists have found that imagining an object moving across the sky produces more eye movements than visualising a stationary object.”

Source: OMNI magazine claims in a cover article entitled ‘Mind Exercises That Boost Your Immune System’

If visualization can help people overcome diseases, it it possible that healthy people could keep their immune system stable. OMNI magazine says “Practicing daily positive-imaging techniques may, like a balanced diet and physical exercise routine, tip the scales of health toward wellness.”

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Source: Holistic Healing Hands

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