What is holding you back from Wealth?

Do you realize that the number one thing that is holding people back from living their dreams and having a prosperous life is low self esteem? A large percentage of the population has an issue with unworthiness and do not even realize it. When people don’t feel like they deserve wealth and abundance or even happiness in any area, it comes from deeply rooted beliefs that they are not worthy. Most of us will just sit around and complain about those that have abundance and better lives and make up excuses about how life has done us wrong.pic

We are all entitled to every bit of abundance and wealth that the universe has to offer, however it is these underlying beliefs that keep us away from living that sort of life. Each one of us was raised with certain beliefs about money. It can be as simple as there is “never enough” to beliefs that “money is the root of all evil”. Aside from these specific beliefs, and more importantly, issues of unworthiness are what may be holding you back.

Many of us spend our lives riding a perpetual rollercoaster – from wanting our vision of wealth, abundance and living the life of our dreams and then dropping into painful lows of scarcity, smallness and not feeling deserving. The positive visions are coming from our true essence and innate knowing of what our lives are supposed to be like. The negative voices that keep us small come from our ego and our deep underlying beliefs of unworthiness. We have been programmed either by those that raised us or our own voices to believe that we are not worthy of greatness, happiness, wealth and even success. Our subconscious mind holds these beliefs of unworthiness without us even being aware. Unfortunately, the subconscious runs the show (it makes up 90% of our thoughts).

Along with our basic and physical needs being met when we were growing up, we had many emotional needs to be met in order for us to grow into emotionally secure adults. It may not be what our parents and caretakers did, but simply what they did NOT do. If we did not receive adequate affection, attention, acceptance and approval along with a sense of both belonging and safety, the tendency is to believe that we are not worthy of them. This sets the stage for feelings of unworthiness in certain areas of our adult life.

Through personal experience, I was not able to receive gifts from anyone without going to a place of shame because I felt unworthy (and I didn’t even realize it!). I loved to give, however it was very difficult to receive. We bought a new car and I was so uncomfortable due to my subconscious beliefs that it put me in such a state of resistance and shame. My ego was playing such a number on me telling me every reason that I should not like the car and that I should take it back. It was a vicious web of lies that my conscious mind was telling me to keep my outer world in alignment with my subconscious beliefs.

Once I realized that I had the belief that ‘I was not worthy to receive’, which came from a Catholic upbringing (we’ll save that story for another time!), I was able to counter act that belief and remind myself that there was no truth to it at all and that I did deserve the car. It was an exhausting day for sure! We will continue to sabotage our outer world with our limiting beliefs until we clear what is holding us back subconsciously.

We can do our best as adults to try to counteract these beliefs. The best time to get our subconscious mind to absorb new thoughts and beliefs is when we are first waking up and when we are quiet at night and getting ready to fall asleep. My fiancé and I use this time to unwind, clear our minds and listen to positive affirmation meditations to both start and end our days together. There are also successful methods such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and mediation that will help you clear beliefs. You can also use the following steps to help break away from the false beliefs that no longer serve you in just a couple of minutes a day.

Move into a place of facing your beliefs. For most of us, we can’t even imagine that we are unworthy. I was in complete denial about it because I had such a false sense of pride that was keeping the dragon inside my head sleeping. I carried myself with so much confidence that there was no way I could have been unworthy. And then, my pedestal came crashing down. When you are ready to face the truth, you will know. A few typical indications that you are ready to face the truth are that you have questions about who you are associating with, feelings of discomfort and possibly questions about things that you do that are habitual in nature – and used to be satisfying but aren’t anymore.  Yes, it’s very uncomfortable, however the rewards and freedom on the other side are tremendous!

– Accept that is your truth. We know it is a false belief but in our mind, it is our complete reality. It is like trying to tell a Democrat that they are actually Republican. No way, and no how. That is how attached we are to our beliefs.

Realize that it was just lies that we had to tell ourselves to survive and we no longer need to believe it. Acknowledge you are an adult now and you deserve all greatness and abundance and you are safe and ok.

Say the following phrases to yourself at least two times a day, preferably in the morning and at night repeating them each 20 times.

  • Even though I am still believing, I now choose to release the thought that I am not worthy.
  • I am worthy and I am ready. I choose wealth now.

You deserve wealth, health, love, fulfillment, satisfaction, happiness, success and the best that life has to offer. It is only through changing your subconscious mind that you will ever be able to truly believe it. So, help yourself and begin to release those limiting beliefs!

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