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Teen Depression – Do You Know the Signs?

Depression and anxiety are becoming  common words in the vocabulary of many families.  With the current stressors of school, peer pressure, family, money, social media and technology, it is no wonder why todays teens are suffering more with depression and anxiety than ever before.  Teenage behavior is so up and down as it is, that depression […]

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An Open Letter to Those Who Think Their “Life Sucks”

We don’t stumble accidentally into an amazing life. It takes a decision. A commitment to consistently work on ourselves.

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Resistance and 4 Steps on How to Release From Its Power

What is resistance? Resistance is the refusal to accept or comply with something; the attempt to prevent something by action or argument. When we are not able to accept something or someone in our lives, or how we are feeling, we are resisting it (or them). By resisting anything, we are feeding energy to it. […]

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