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7 Crucial Tips for a Wealthy Mindset

Your mindset will determine your success in life. Studies show wealthy people do think differently than poor people. It is crucial to pay attention to your mindset and by changing it to adopt the patterns of the successfully wealthy; in time, you will gravitate towards becoming a part of that elite 1%. What is the […]

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Waking Up In The Dream – The Real Secret to Manifestation

When you receive inner guidance or intuitive hits, it is the Universe giving you instructions so that you can align with your desires and create the dream that you most want to live.

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The 5 Most Important Money Lessons To Teach Your Kids

Given how important financial skills are to navigating life, it’s surprising that our schools don’t teach children about money. As a parent, however, you can teach your child important financial lessons — and you should. “Look at the mortgage crisis and how many families lost their homes — 3.9 million foreclosures. Look at the amount […]

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