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7 Warning Signs You Are Heading for a Relapse

We are surrounded by easy access to drugs and alcohol and when someone is in recovery, it can be easy to fall back in to old dangerous habits. It is important to know there are warning signs to watch for.  If you see any of these warning signs in yourself or a loved one that […]

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Letter from the Emotional Addict

Letter from the Emotional Addict. I am an addict. An addict that you could never identify from the outside. I am an emotional addict.

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Pornography Addiction

The term “pornography addiction” always gets a  raised eyebrow reaction. But, what make it so addictive? Why should it matter? People are free to have their own interests. That’s true, but viewing pornography can mess with your brain in the same way drugs do. And, just like drugs and alcohol a little can be ok (sometimes even […]

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